What's in your computer?

What's in your computer?Welcome to a whole new way of doing business!  SimplicityPro™ modernizes your business world with on-demand information and paperless workflows, automating routine activities and introducing new opportunities for unparalleled customer service.

SimplicityPro™ is an electronic community on the World Wide Web, a "place" where students, families, organizations, and institutions come together to provide and share information in a secure, efficient, easy-to-use environment.

SimplicityPro™ transforms traditional brick-and-mortar businesses into global enterprises without walls or offices - a new state of mind really where the information you need, when you need it, how you need it, is always available anywhere you are, anywhere you go.

Comprehensive student data management

SimplicityPro™ manages all your confidential business data in a secure, highly-organized environment that can be quickly customized to your particular mix of marketing and operational requirements.

SimplicityPro™ provides immediate benefit to your organization by replacing paper-based forms and reports with web-based applications and management tools that streamline your business processes and reduce your operational costs. Easy, consistent site navigation, flexible configuration options, and multi-layered security precautions are just a few of the features we've built into SimplicityPro™ to enhance your online experience and get you excited about what's coming...

SimplicityPro™ can be personalized with your logos and color preferences to match the look and feel of your organization's web presence. It can be presented as a part of your existing web site, or you can launch SimplicityPro™ in its own popup browser window. SimplicityPro™ offers secure self-service registration and logon management for students, families, your staff, etc., including features for recovering forgotten logon IDs and passwords via e-mail.

Student & host family applications

SimplicityPro™ includes student and host family applications, or you can choose to use your own forms instead. Each page or an entire form can be printed as a PDF document - with SimplicityPro™, a printed application never looks like a printed web page. Students and host families can attach photos, videos, and supporting documents that require signatures or special stamps and seals.

If authorized, you can review progess of SimplicityPro™ applications online, add comments, or quickly identify if an applicant needs special assistance. Administrative consoles allows you to query, analyze, and process applications, export data to spreadsheets, transfer applications between sending and receiving organizations, create custom reports, and much, much more.


WorkingGroups™WorkingGroups™ are used throughout SimplicityPro™ to "bundle" and save collections of students that an organization can use (and re-use) to quickly build detailed travel itineraries, print student identification cards, or any other task that can be batched to save time and labor. Whether for a single person or large groups of students, WorkingGroups™ uses simple point-and-click operations and exception reporting ("Will everyone NOT in the room please raise their hand?") to ensure that each requested task is accurate and complete.

SimplicityPro™ security

In addition to extensive site security safeguards (including a proprietary layer of encryption to prevent unauthorized database access), SimplicityPro™ provides advanced administrative tools for managing user accounts and security settings. Access to any SimplicityPro™ feature can be granted or denied, at very granular levels, for individual users and user roles. "User roles" are pre-defined security settings you can create for generic user profiles within your organization (student, host family member, prospective employee, etc.). Users can then have any number of user roles assigned, allowing you to quickly customize their SimplicityPro™ security settings to match their real-world data entry requirements or job responsibilities.

Key benefits of SimplicityPro™

Eliminates lost information - Information is permanently archived and indexed. Authorized users can retrieve information in seconds.

Enhances productivity - Users have a single integrated interface to quickly retrieve and annotate documents, forms, reports, etc.

Improves customer service - While a student or host family member is on the phone, important information, such as health and academic records, can now be retrieved and displayed on your web browser.

Automates workflow - Documents (applications, counseling, status reports, etc.) can be used simultaneously by different people in different departments and/or locales. SimplicityPro™ enables complex document routing and forwarding. Automatic e-mail messaging eliminates process bottlenecks by alerting the right people at the right time.

Provides greater security and confidentiality - SimplicityPro™ restricts access to sensitive information. See our Privacy Policy and read about SOME of the steps we've taken to safeguard YOUR information.

Disaster recovery - SimplicityPro™ provides off-site storage and daily backups of your critical information. Gartner Research recently released a chilling statistic: two out of five organizations that experience a disaster go out of business within five years. While we certainly hope that a disaster never strikes, if it does, the return on your SimplicityPro™ investment will not be measured in dollars and cents but in peace of mind.

Electronic signatures - SimplicityPro™ provides key requirements for electronic signatures in a paperless workflow system: all users are uniquely and unambiguously identified; only appropriate users are presented with signature opportunities (and only WHEN appropriate); signing users are presented with enough information so as to completely understand the intent of their electronic signature; finally, an electronic (database) journal is maintained of all signature activity to provide evidence in case there is a dispute (and to record evidence of tampering).

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