SimplicityPro™ & pop-up blockers...

SimplicityPro™ may occassionally use pop-up windows to display a photo, play a video, display details, or let you interact with the site in some way without having to refresh the underlying page. We have provided two simple tests to determine whether pop-ups are working properly on your computer.

  1. Test pop-ups from a form button:

  2. Test pop-ups from a link:  Pop-up test #2 (hold your mouse over this paragraph to see the link).

With either test, you should have seen a pop-up window that automatically closed after about 10 seconds (unless you clicked on it or closed it yourself). If you did not see the pop-up...

  • Make sure Javascript is enabled (see our Javascript help page).

  • Make sure you're not running a pop-up blocker - these are built into many new browsers and there are others, such as the Google toolbar, that have been known to cause problems.

  • If you're running a tabbed browser (like Firefox, Opera or Camino), make sure you're not accidentally opening pop-ups on a new tab.

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