How much will SimplicityPro™ save me?

Sorry, but we're still in the process of building this interactive feature. Once it's ready, you'll be able to plug in your organization's numbers and we'll calculate what we think you'll save over five years by using SimplicityPro™ (the calculations only run on your web browser; any information you enter will not be saved or shared with anyone else). Until the online calculator is ready, here's a quick run-down that shows you how we estimated the cost of one 20-page student application in an organization with 50 coordinators:

How much does a student application cost?

Assume that the cost of printing the application is $3.

The cost of collating, stapling, stuffing envelopes, and mailing the application is $35.

The cost of re-entering the application's data into your computer system is $15 (one hour's labor including Social Security and benefits).

Processing and copying the application costs $90 (another hour's labor is $15 and 50 copies, at $1.50 per 20-page application is $75).

Labor involved with distributing 50 copies to field staff costs $30 (two hours of labor at $15 per hour).

Direct distribution costs are $75 ($1.50 postage for each copy mailed to 50 field staff).

Costs related to filing and archiving the application are $30.

The grand total? A whopping $278 for each and every application! Multiply that by the number of applications that flow through your organization during a typical program season and you can begin to appreciate the opportunities for saving money with SimplicityPro™. Remember, this estimate doesn't even try to include the costs associated with lost information, errors that have to be corrected, and process bottlenecks while the application is sitting on someone's desk or is in transit from one place to another.

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