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Pangaea International, LLC is a service provider for organizations that exchange students and short-term professionals.  SimplicityPro™ is a web-based "virtual office" that is developed and owned by Pangaea.

Who we are...

Greg C. White - Pangaea partner, President

In the early 1990s, Greg saw a growing need for the student exchange community, a service/product that would allow programs to interact seamlessly and without boundaries, a system that could streamline data, crosscheck the information collected, flag any data errors, monitor, track and report with precise detail the whole exchange experience, providing the highest levels of personal care to all of its participants. With high expectations he began the creation and development of what is known today as Pangaea International, LLC.

As President of United Studies Inc. (a student exchange program), Greg has 17 years of experience in the international field of student exchange and has hands-on knowledge of the dataflow needs of the industry. In addition, Greg's commitment to the exchange community has led him to be actively involved with Council on Standards for International and Educational Travel (CSIET) since 1988 and is currently serving his 6th year on the Board of Directors. Greg's experience as a program operator and his involvement with CSIET has allowed him to stay abreast of the latest changes and trends in the industry giving him an unsurpassed knowledge of the exchange community as well as the knowledge to create and produce the products and services needed today and for the future.

"The exchange community has a high level of what I call the 'people factor,' meaning things don't always happen the way we want them to. What SimplicityPro™ does is help streamline and monitor that 'people factor,' providing professional program operations for a safer, more rewarding exchange experience for all of the program participants. Even the administrative experience is a better one. After all, isn't that what we are all striving for, a better way to do business?"

John Ragland - Pangaea partner, Director of Development

John has been delivering innovative Information Technology solutions, to the widest audiences possible, for more than two decades. Before PCs were commonplace in the business world, he designed a mainframe-based suite of office productivity tools (word processing, database, and spreadsheet) that gave workers in the energy industry the same PC-like, self-service capabilities we now take for granted. John's first PC application (using sales statistics to forecast success/failure probabilities during on-site negotiations) was deployed throughout North America.

Moving from energy to healthcare, John became a passionate advocate for asserting the priority of data quality in software design (see our design section for a brief explanation). Since Y2K, John has been applying his "data before design, function before form" approach to developing web-based intranet applications for hospitals. Someone once described a hospital as a collection of disparate businesses (lab, pharmacy, radiology, etc.) connected only by a common heating and air conditioning system. John's intranet applications allowed - for the first time - different hospitals, departments, work shifts, and outlying clinics to communicate and work together in ways that were never before possible.

Bringing healthcare's high standards for data security and patient confidentiality to the world of exchange, SimplicityPro™ represents a unique opportunity for you to collaborate in a similar online setting with your students, families, partners, and others, in ways you may never have considered possible. SimplicityPro™ is a bon voyage to virtual destinations limited only by human imagination. The crew at Pangaea invite you to come aboard and chart your organization's destiny with SimplicityPro™ today...

Where we are...

Pangaea International, LLC is headquartered in Hot Springs National Park (America's first, 40 years older than Yellowstone). 483 years ago, Spanish explorer Hernando DeSoto named this area "The Valley of Peace" after discovering warring Indian tribes who laid down their weapons to share the "recuperative waters" found here.

That was way back in 1541. Today, in 2024, SimplicityPro™ carries on Hot Springs' long tradition of hospitality to you and your organization. Wherever, whenever you are in our global, Internet-connected exchange community.

Pangaea International, LLC
100 Ridgeway, Suite 1A
Hot Springs National Park, AR  71901-7156
United States of America

501.321.9507 (fax)

E-mail:  or (or use our contact form)

What does the name "Pangaea" mean?

Have you ever noticed how South America and Africa seem to fit together? If you have, you aren't alone. Sir Francis Bacon first noticed it in the 17th century. In 1915, the German geologist and meteorologist Alfred Wegener (1880-1930) proposed the existence of an original, gigantic supercontinent which he named Pangaea (which means "all lands" in Greek).

The original Pangaea represents a theory about how the continents slowly drifted apart. The new Pangaea and SimplicityPro™ represent a dedication to the ideal of reversing that drift by reconnecting nations and peoples virtually, building bridges of communication and collaboration that span physical, political, language, and cultural barriers.

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