SimplicityPro™ basics

What's in your computer?SimplicityPro™ manages all your confidential business data in a secure, highly-organized environment that can be quickly customized to your particular mix of marketing and operational requirements.

SimplicityPro™ streamlines business processes and reduces operational costs by replacing paper-based data entry and reporting with on-line, paperless workflow automation - data is error-checked as it is entered and transformed from incoherent bits and bytes of "noise" into high-value "knowledge" for an unparalleled competitive edge.

SimplicityPro™ introduces opportunities for improved communications, teamwork, and collaboration by allowing authorized participants to upload and access text, images, and audio/video regardless of where - or when - they are.

In the beginning...

SimplicityPro™ is an outgrowth of a database application developed to automate the central operations of Greg and Sonja White's student exchange organization. Greg's vision for changing his business from a paper-intensive operation to a near-paperless environment became a reality in the 1990s when John Ragland joined the team after prior efforts had failed to deliver working solutions. As the data collection and reporting features of the application evolved and grew more sophisticated, Greg and Sonja were eventually able to reduce their office staff by more than half.

In early 2005, Greg and John formed Pangaea International, LLC to begin a dedicated effort to transform Greg's vision to an Internet-based reality for everyone in the exchange industry. SimplicityPro™ represents your opportunity to take advantage of more than a decade's worth of lessons learned and proven solutions to leapfrog your organization into an age of global collaboration with your customers, personnel, and an expanding network of business partners.

SimplicityPro™ today...

SimplicityPro™ provides on-line student and host family applications that can be personalized to match the look-and-feel of your organization's Web presence. A plethora of customization options and administrator tools for managing the SimplicityPro™ environment and student applications are designed to immediately benefit your organization and get you excited about what's coming next...

SimplicityPro™ includes administrative tools for managing user accounts (logon and contact information), security settings (for users and user-roles), programs configuration (student exchange, work/travel, au pair, etc.), and data-entry setup for other application forms. A tool to let each organization graphically define their own organizational structure and personnel is available, but not yet tied in to SimplicityPro™ workflows (message triggers and assignment of application-review and placement responsibilities).

SimplicityPro™ provides an administrative console to query, analyze, and process student applications. It includes the ability to do exception reporting - that is, to search for incomplete applications and applications with potential data integrity problems that may require follow-up. Soon, you will be able to access features to export application data to spreadsheets, transfer applications to receiving organizations, print PDF reports, create your own custom reports, and much, much more.

For organizations bringing international students and workers into the United States, SimplicityPro™ will include XML-based integration with the State Department's SEVIS database. Using simple point-and-click operations, authorized administrators will quickly build and submit lists of inbound students. As soon as the list is processed and acknowledged, both sending and receiving organizations can access confirmation details via their administrative consoles.

SimplicityPro™ is developing a collaboration tool to allow sending and receiving organizations to work together to quickly build detailed travel itineraries. Whether for a single student, or large groups, this tool will use point-and-click operations and exception reporting to ensure that each itinerary is accurate and complete. Details can then be viewed on-line, printed, or sent via e-mail. If authorized administrators amend active itineraries, everyone impacted by the changes - students, their families, and other organizations or institutions - will be automatically notified.

SimplicityPro™ in the future...

Visualize your future!Our message for the future is simple: SimplicityPro™ is committed to the highest standards of excellence. SimplicityPro™ is committed to continuously improving existing features and continuously introducing new solutions and services that will transform your organization. Today and tomorrow.

Student and host family applications are just the beginning! SimplicityPro™ is continuously improving existing features and introducing new solutions to grow and streamline your organization. Here's a short list of SOME of what's coming:

  • An administration console to quickly identify action items according to parameters you can set yourself.

  • Tracking information for schools, colleges, employers, and other organizations/institutions.

  • Coordinator (area rep) applications, payment/incentive tracking, and administration console.

  • Tracking information for progress reports, including exception reporting for missing information.

  • Automatic creation of student biographies and ID badges.

  • Automatic background checks for host families and coordinators.

  • Data migration services for organizations that want to move existing data into a SimplicityPro™ environment.

  • Real-time chat for technical support and customer assistance.

  • SirBlogalot™ blogging for students and families.

  • Web hosting and personalized templates for organizations that do not want to maintain their own Web presence.

  • Computer-based and web-based training (CBT & WBT) and host family recruitment resources for organizations' staff.

  • Sophisticated placement tools to optimize matches between students and host families, including alerts to prevent potentially catastrophic mismatches (critical food allergies, for example).

The competitive edge

When you think of SimplicityPro™, think about how many different ways it will change the way you work! Here's a quick recap of how SimplicityPro™ will give you the competitive edge you need to survive and thrive in a global market:

  • Modernizes business processes

  • Reduces costs, saves time and money

  • Improves communication

  • Information is secure and confidential

  • 24 x 7 technical support

  • Paperless workflow automation

  • Accessible anywhere, anytime

  • Reduces errors, increases productivity

  • Allows your organization to be globally competitive

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